Health & Safety

Health & Safety

We are all responsible for Health and Safety, not just of our own, but to other golfers and the greens staff working around the course.

If you follow the guidelines below, we can all enjoy our golf without coming to any harm or harming others.

Personal Safety

  • Never swing a golf club when another golfer is close to you.
  • Do not play your shot if there is any chance you will reach the players in the group ahead. If they are a slow group, don’t be tempted to tee off early and “wake them up a bit”. When the time is appropriate, approach them and ask them to speed up, or let your group through.
  • There are certain holes on the course, where from the tees, it is possible you cannot see the players in front of you. These are the 2nd, 13th and 15th holes. If you are looking for a ball on the right of the fairway, leave a trolley or bag on the fairway, which is visible from the tee.
  • If you intend to drive the 17th green, you must ensure that the players ahead have cleared the green and are in a safe position before you tee off.
  • There are various pathways across and around the perimeter of the course, which are used by members of the public walking and exercising their dogs. Most of them are experienced in what to do when encountering golfers or crossing the fairways, but obviously there will be some that will be unaware of what is going on. You must allow them time to cross the fairway or signal to them that they are in a dangerous position.
  • If you are walking ahead of the play, stop and watch when the player behind hits the ball. Don’t be oblivious to what’s going on behind or around you.
  • If you need to venture on to an adjoining fairway to play your shot, be aware of what the golfers on that hole are doing. Wait until they have played, or have given you a signal to continue. In the mean time, stand in a safe place.
  • If you hit your shot towards other golfers, you must shout “FORE”. Don’t wait until the last second. Give them time to protect themselves. If you hear “FORE” being shouted, crouch down behind your trolley, bag or a tree, and protect your head with your hands and arms.
  • In the event of thunder and lightning, you should return without delay to the club house. Do not shelter under trees or your umbrella. The Klaxon will be sounded from the clubhouse.
  • When fog descends on the course and the tree on the left of the fairway on the 1st hole is not visible from the tee box, the course will be closed for everyone’s protection especially the greens staff who may be working on the course.

Course Risk Assessment

Please download the Gloucester Golf Club course risk assessment document at the following link:

Gloucester Golf Club Course Risk Assessment PDF

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