Keith Wood Cup

Keith Wood Cup

PositionPlayerMarch MedalParry GriffithsChris Macey MemorialApril MedalLayton-Smith ShieldCharity ShieldMay & County MedalKandiah-MoranHospital CupPeacey Robins CupsJune MedalScott CupMalcolm Davis MemorialRoger Stevens ScrambleJuly MedalMick Moody MemorialPrice CupAugust MedalKing CupSeptember MedalTotal Points
1Paul Mansell47.51015425267.5
2Mark Harris4181220.51046.5
3Nick Parker-Giles2561546
4Grant Bowkett212.525645.5
5Codie Truchan54252945
6Shane Burford9258.3342.33
7Jack Wilkins41810941
8Don Robins7.5252640.5
9Dennis Yee7.55150.3312.540.33
10Anthony Bebber0.512.518940
11Mark Dee92151238
12Shay Morgan4186836
13Lee Howe1521835
14Jay Greig151833
15Rob Walsh254130
16Harry Brotherton222529
16Regan Owen6184129
16Michael Ferry151156129
19Tom Bebber0.5184628.5
20Paul Bradbury100.331828.33
21Daniel Grant1212428
22Matt Dean2.66121226.66
23Tom Shaw2525
23Richard Medlin2525
23Clive Vaughan2525
23Daniel Scott101525
23Wayne Dunn2525
23Peter Macey125825
23Robert Smith1562225
23Oliver Oxley2525
31Alex Maton126624
32Pete Hanlon18523
33Andy Sargent182.66222.66
34Ian Woolstenholmes6412.522.5
34Richard Langdon0.5841022.5
36Jack Davies488222
37Jon Bennett12.56321.5
38Gareth Pardue2512.5120.5
38Gary Ash0.512820.5
40Glenn Taylor612.518.5
41Luke Davies31518
41Daniel Heaysman1818
41Luke Woolway1818
44Farrell Gwilliam98.3317.33
45Kai Griffin9817
45Stephen Iles3101317
47Ben Ward131216
47Christopher Lee12416
47Ian Brotherton282416
50Andy Bossons12.5315.5
50Pierce Bowkett7.5815.5
52Richard James1515
52Scott Dee94215
52Marcus Davis10515
52Stuart Morgan1515
52Ben Bestford1515
57James Barley41014
58Nicholas Perkins3100.513.5
59Mark Finney4913
60Paul Elkins12.512.5
60Pat Soley12.512.5
62Andy Fitz1212
62Ron Brotherton1212
64Callum Mein0.5101.3311.83
65Ryan Davies47.511.5
65Lee Cordrey380.511.5
67John Duffy6511
68Andrew Walden9110
68Mike Ho6410
68Steven Webb1010
68Partha Dutta18110
68Ian Blunt1010
73Dave Macey369
74James Evans7.518.5
75Connor Gwilliams8.338.33
76Ben Surman88
76Barry Clifford88
78Iain Howie7.57.5
78Neil Brinkworth7.57.5
78Andy Pepperell7.57.5
78Ryan Collins7.57.5
82Peter Rayward3.3347.33
83Patrick Kehoe167
84Harvey Taylor66
84Mark Dewick66
84Josh Williams66
84Sean Dunne66
84Chris Harrington66
84Luke Stewart66
84John Stewart66
84Gary Jellyman66
84John Biggs516
84C. Harris516
84Craig Hart66
95Ian Davies50.55.5
96Jamie Simpson55
96Tom Durrant55
96Charles Hill325
96Stephen Hayward145
100Richard Chandler0.6644.66
101Mark Drew44
101Gordon Campbell44
101Stephen Gale44
104Oliver Oxley3.333.33
104Ben Sheldrake3.333.33
106Tom Hobbs213
107Scott Wood2.662.66
108Daniel Reynolds22
108David Hirst22
108Simon Hirst22
108Trev Prosser22
108Lance Bower22
108Arron Williams22
108Joanne Brotherton22
115Ryan Mein0.51.331.83
116Paul Sparkes1.331.33
117Dave Carpenter11
117Gavin Mann11
117Andrew Hall11
117Jeremy Goodman11
117Stephen Roberts11
117Colin Thomas11
123Shaun Hawkins0.660.66
123Bob Bulbeck0.660.66
125Paul Barks0.330.33

At the 2023 AGM the Directors and Committee presented our General Manager, Keith Wood, with his very own Board Competition as a thank you for his 25 years service at Gloucester Golf Club.

The board is called “Keith Wood Cup” and Keith has decided to run a season-long “Nett Order of Merit” with the top 30 and the end of the year qualifying for a Championship Finals day.

There will be 20 qualifying events across the season, with a mixture of individual, pairs and team competitions.

The top 10 in each event win points:

1st place – 25 pts
2nd place – 18 pts
3rd place – 15 pts
4th place – 12 pts
5th place – 10 pts
6th place – 8 pts
7th place – 6 pts
8th place – 4 pts
9th place – 2 pts
10th place – 1 pt

Points in pairs/team events are shared, winning a pairs event = 12.5 pts each / winning a team event = 8.3 pts

The 20 qualifying events are:

March Medal – which was cancelled this year due to weather
April Medal
Layton-Smith Shield
Charity Shield
May & County Medal
Hospital Cup
Peacey/Robins Cup
June Medal
July Medal
August Medal
King Cup
September Medal
Malcolm Davis Memorial
Scott Cup

Chris Macey Memorial
Mick Moody Memorial
Price Cup

Roger Stevens Scramble

Championship Finals Day

The Top 30 in the “Order of Merit” after the final event (September Medal) will qualify for the Championship Finals Day on 1st October (Keith‘s birthday), which will be a Stableford Competition with a twist.

The player with the most points in the “Order of Merit” will start with +9 stableford points
2nd most points start with +7 stableford points
3rd: +6 stableford points
4th: +5 stableford points
5th: +4 stableford points
6th-11th: +3 stableford points
12th-17th: +2 stableford points
18th-23rd: +1 stableford points
24th-30th: 0 stableford points

If after 18 holes, there is a tie for the lead, a 3 hole stableford playoff will take place on the 1st / 8th / 9th.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 (sponsored by Keith):

1st place – £135
2nd place – £75
3rd place – £45
4th place – £30
5th place – £15

We believe and hope you agree that this is an extremely exciting season-long competition which will generate a lot of buzz around the golf club and thoroughly shows our appreciation to Keith and all the hard work he’s put in over the years to make GGC the success it is today.

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