Course Maintenance work to begin on Monday 13th September

Posted: 05/09/2021

So the time has come to do some work to the course in preparation for keeping the greens in best as possible condition throughout the Winter ,which in turn will give us the best chance possible for good surfaces next Spring/Summer.

We will begin by Vertidraining the Greens ..this is a 3/4 inch width tine going in around 8 inches deep this will increase root depth and help with compaction problems.

Next part is too Hollow core Greens ,this is when the small cores are pulled out the Greens about 1-2 inches depth ..the advantage of this is mainly to remove any thatch build up and also create holes the next part of the process.

After the 2 aeration practices it is time too apply fertiliser and seed too the Greens.

Following that we will apply approx 30 tonne of top dressing on to the Greens .the idea is too then too brush in the seed,fertiliser and dressing into the holes or any areas on the greens where growth is patchy.

It will take a few days for the Greens too recover so please bare with us and be patient.

The advantage of doing this work now is that with good temperatures the recovery will be a lot quicker than when this work is done in spring when soil temperatures are a lot lower.

We will use temporary holes on the Aprons but please if you can just pick up when playing too a Green being worked on and move to the next Tee.

Attached is a picture from the 6th Green when changing holes for the Club Championship, it shows what is called black layer, this is caused by lack of oxygen in the root system, there is very little of the hole that has been exposed to natural air, this causes lots of problems and is poisonous to the roots and they cannot grow in that environment, which in turn weakens the performance of the grass on the surface against disease and the ability to hold on too moisture and nutrients. This is why need to first of all do the renovations and then a regular aeration programme.

We thank you all for the recent positive feedback the Team have received and we aim for normal service too be resumed as soon as possible.

Thank you
Kevan Glass
Course Manager



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