Gloucester Golf Club Ready to Re Open when Government restrictions allow

Posted: 06/05/2020



There has been a lot of work happening whilst we have been in lockdown and I want to give you the confidence that the Course will be fully open for play when we are allowed to re open.

There is now a new bridge in the centre of the 4th fairway which is wide enough for your electric trolley and any Golf Buggy.

The new 5th Hole will be open and in play, there will of course be a lot of areas that are GUR that have been seeded, we will have a drop zones on this hole all marked out for you. Any ball that finds the water or any area prior to the Green will have a drop zone marked for you to play your shot from.

Because the area beyond the green is also all going to be GUR and there will be very few places to create a drop zone off grass for you to be able to play your shot from so we will have to played of a mat from as close to the Green as we can find a suitable place.m

The new Green is going to still take several months before it is up to the standard of the other Greens on the course, currently the 5th Green is being cut at 6mm and will stay at 6mm for the next 6-8 weeks, there are some areas that will be bumpy on the green and work will continue to be done to keep improving the surface.

The remaining Greens will be cut at 5mm and will be monitored by the Greenkeepers as to when we can reduce the height down again.

The 8th Pond has also be re designed and changed which will make it a lot more visible from the tee and a nice new flower bed has also been built into the pond. The fountain and will be turned back on and the new Tee will also be in play.

All Bunkers will be in play, the faces of the 10th Greenside right hand bunker and 18th Bunker will now be turfed and will create the effect of a pot bunker, All Bunkers will be pick and place as it is very likely that all rakes will have to be removed from the course. We ask all members to try and rake the bunkers with their feet and club as best as possible. We will still only have two Greenkeepers working and will do our best to rake them as often as possible.

Please be advised that only essential maintenance has been able to be done and the rough will be longer than normal and will not have a definition of a first cut due to only having two staff we just don’t have the time to cut all areas as we would normally do.

A lot of members have offered their services to come and help maintain the course, but under very strict guidelines we cannot at this time allow any members to be helping on the course, but as soon as some guidelines are lifted we may well ask for any volunteers and thank you all for your offers.

I will be sending out another video email of all the course changes in the next few days for you all to see again.

Only the toilets and Pro Shop will be open in the Clubhouse and there will be measures put in place to only allow two people into the pro shop at any one time, no cash will be excepted and as much as possible all transactions will be manually taken off your members card which you can top up yourself through the new club v1 members app. Contactless payments will still be excepted.

All members will be asked to take their clubs home with them as the changing rooms will be closed. Details for collection will be send out once more certainty of Government requirements.

All members will be required to book a tee time under no circumstances will members be allowed to just turn up for a Game without prior booking.

Please do not book tee times on the BRS App now for the coming weeks as it is anticipated that there will be guidelines put inplace where we will have to extend start times from 8 min intervals and the only way this can be done is by deleting all current bookings on the system. NO GROUP BOOKINGS WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE BOOKED at the start to discourage any breaking of the social distancing rules. So every member will need to book to start with and only current paid members will be allowed to book tee times, all other members that have been automatically suspended will not be able to book as the BRS App will only allow current members to book. To stop mass bookings Members will only be allowed to book 14 Days in advance with no Visitor bookings being excepted until the day for the first 7 days then after visitors will be able to book 6 days in advance.

Once we have more information regarding the guidelines and operations that are allowed we will be sending a more detailed email to you, thank you again for all your support to Gloucester Golf Club in what has been a very worrying time for us all.

As stated WE WILL BE READY TO OPEN as soon as allowed although we expect there will be a number of changes to past operating procedures.


Keith Wood
General Manager





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