The Winter League Knockout Stage starts this Sunday 10th February

Posted: 05/02/2019

Goodwin Cup - Round of 16

8:44am - N. Parker Giles & A. Maton v P. Hanlon & P. Macey

8:52am - P. Gallagher & B. Vye v G. Pinkney & M. Jones

9:00am - L. Stewart & G.Jellyman v M. Smith & M. Lennox

9:08am - I. Blackwood & M. Hickman v M. Drew & I. Woolstenholmes

9:16am - M. Harris & R. James v D. Macey & S. Iles

9:24am - A. Walden & Gordon Campbell v F. Gwilliam & Z. Kotwica

9:32am - R. Smith & T. Durrant v S. Hayward & B. Clifford

9:40am - S. Dunne & L.Greig v Gavin Mann & R. Mann

Paul Drinkwater Plate - Round of 16

7:40am - J. Davies & J. Wilkins v P. Elkins & K. Minnear

7:48am - C. Lakin & P. Griffin v D. Robins & P. Kehoe

7:56am - D. Scott & B. Williams v P. Mansell & R. Pereira

8:04am - P. Gifford & R. Woods v G. Ash & R. Langdon

8:12am - D. Carpenter & B. Ward v Gary Campbell & D. Campbell

8:20am - S. Hawkins & C. Hill v S. Moore & W. Dunn

8:28am - C. Scott & S. O'Connell v Shay Morgan & A. Bebber

8:36am - I. Philpott & M. Philpott v J. Biggs & I. Davies










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