Posted: 18/11/2017

On Monday 9th October, members were stunned following the notification the owners from London had decided the club would be closing on October 31st after being open for 40 years.


At that time Darren Smith (2017 Vice Captain) held discussions with the owners and decided to approach Keith Wood, the current Head PGA Professional about ways in which they could secure the future of the golf club for the members and the local community.  Following two long weeks of 

meetings, planning, negotiations and a few hours sleep, and the support of the in-house Officers, a lease was finally agreed between GGC and the owners on Thursday 19th October. The basis of which is to be a members lease meaning the golf club will be run and administered as a members club but more importantly its future for all concerned has been safeguarded on a long term basis.


After careful consideration and discussion, Darren Smith has now decided to pursuit his dream role and become the first Club Captain of the new look golf club in 2018 and a Board of Directors was then set up to run the Golf Club.  On Thursday 26th October the board of Directors shared 

all activity and the outcome in a presentation to over 200 members of how the club would be structured, one of the largest gatherings the club had witnessed for several years.


It goes without saying, the help and expertise across many different fields of Darren Smith, Keith Wood, and the Directors Ian Brotherton, Steve Ellway, Richard Baker and Paul Davies the Golf Club would not be in a position it thankfully is now and a long term lease would not have been secured. The support we all received from the members, has been nothing short of amazing and justifies our collective belief we have a fantastic opportunity to work with each and every member in attempting to develop GGC into one of the most pleasant, warm and welcoming golf courses in the South West.


The work didn’t stop once the lease had been secured as we now have a plan to purchase 3 brand new pieces of specialist John Deere green keeping equipment.  These will be arriving in March, and plans are now also afoot to totally refurb and improve the facilities incorporated within our driving range and a total refurbishment of our Pro Shop is planned before the end of the year.


As a result, GGC will actively be looking to promote and market our new look establishment and hopefully attract new members, societies and hotel guests from our neighbouring affiliate partner, Hallmark Hotel. All of which will be given a warm welcome and hopefully a good golfing 

experience and challenge.


Keith will now become General Manager of GGC and will work with the Board of Directors to run Gloucester Golf Club.


Finally, Keith shared his own personal thoughts on the last 28 days, “since we released a statement to the members agreeing a long term lease with the owners, the excitement within the club and people already making enquiries has been nothing short of amazing, and I can't thank the members enough for all their support. Personally, I have been at GGC since I was 11 years old and have had to overcome lots of hurdles in my golf career but this has become one of the proudest moments for me and my family.  I know along with all the members, Directors, Captain and guests the potential GGC has will be finally uncovered and it is my dream to be part of the team that delivers this to the members”.



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